When you get to Bridgenorth, before you cross the Causeway to your left (or right if coming from the west across the Causeway) is Chemong Shores Causeway Marina; 894 Garthorne Avenue, Bridgenorth, K0L 1H0. Note: Parking for one vehicle only. If anyone asks at the marina, just let them know you are going fishing with Rick. I will be waiting or there shortly. The alternative location B.E.L. Rotary Park, is going west across the causeway (or before you cross the Causeway coming from the west). There is a parking lot (with a gazebo) across from the Sip and Dip Restaurant (approx. GPS coordinates is 1500 Yankee Line, Bridgenorth, K0L 1H0. In both cases you will recognize the boat (from the photo below) at the dock. Also, please see maps below.

Another Happy Camper

Note: Quite often back to back charters are booked. Therefore, if you have a 4 hour charter booked from 9AM to 1PM and you show up at 10AM, we will only be fishing until 1 @ full price.

MAIN LOCATION (Chemong Shores Marina):