Just a reminder; “on shore washroom facilities” are never more than a few minutes away. You need to bring your fishing license to fish, I’m not allowed to sell them.¬†Note: Children under 18 are deemed to have a Conservation License. ¬†Seniors (65+) are deemed to have a Sportsman license. You may catch musky with a conservation license, but you may not keep them. Licenses are available online or at the Home Hardware in town.

If you regularly boat fish, the following is probably old news.

If it feels warm on land and you get out to the middle of the lake, the clouds come out and the wind picks up – it will feel “MUCH” colder; vice versa, if it feels cold on land and the wind dies down and the sun comes out – it will feel a “LOT” warmer. Tip: Light coloured clothes in hot weather; Dark coloured clothes in cold weather.

It would be wise to pack appropriate clothing and even clothing that may not seem appropriate.

(Polarized) sunglasses, sun block and a broad brimmed shade cap are a good idea even on a cloudy day.

And it’s only up to a 6 hour fish but refreshments (alcohol is strictly prohibited and illegal in my boat) and a snack might be in order, facilities are available but it’s your dime and time.

Please make sure your camera is ready to take photos prior to catching the fish instead of when we’re landing the fish. Photos might be uploaded to my website and/or used in promotional material.

If there is a small craft weather warning, we won’t be going fishing and this issue may come up just before fishing. If it’s just drizzling, I will be expecting you.

I supply all the equipment & tackle, you’re quite welcome to bring your own, but if you drop mine in the drink – you’ve bought it.

There’s “NO GUARANTEE” you will catch a specific fish species, especially Musky. Some people go their whole life without catching one, but I will do my best to get one on your line. If we’re fishing for panfish, you may get lucky and get a big Bass or Pickerel on the line.

Only “legal” fish (if applicable) will be kept as I can be charged also. If you’re keeping fish, bring an empty cooler in your car (I don’t clean or prepare fish).

SAFETY FIRST: We are fishing with razor sharp hooks, please ensure you are in control of your (and your child’s) equipment. Liability limited (where applicable) to refund only.

NOTE: All muskies featured on this website were guided by Rick and safely released.